PRO MMA 180" Boxing MMA Hand Wraps Blue


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Don’t take chances with your hands! Not all handwraps are created equally because many fail to use performance grade materials. You need a scientifically manufactured and engineered hand wraps to help protect the many small joints and bones in your hands from the impact of repeated punches. With PRO MMA® stretch Hand Wraps, you have the power of the most innovative performance grade materials. These wraps are the softest hand wraps ever created for unmatched comfort. What’s more, their unique molecular structure provides your hands with maximum striking support. You will strike with confidence knowing your hands are fully protected!  

  • Elite Maximum  Performance-Grade Materials
  • Superior Superb Hand Protection and Bio-Alignment
  • Ultra Soft Design with 100% Optimal Elasticity
  • Superior Breathability and Unmatched Comfort
  • 180" Long 

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