Pro Fight Ring Made in USA

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- 100% steel frame construction. 
- 4”x4” - 1⁄4-inch wall tubing corner posts with 1/2-inch plate base. 
- 3” steel I-beams for the floorboard supports. 
- 4” C- Channel for perimeter supports. 
- 5” steel I-Beam for the center support.

* Slotted, quick-connection design. 

- The frame assembles and disassembles without needing to remove or install bolts.
• Self-squaring design. 
- Ring design ensures 100% square structure when assembled.
- Eliminates need for adjustment or alteration to satisfy operational needs.
• Easily transportable. 
- Can be assembled/disassembled in about 2 hours with a team of 2-4 people. 
- No piece longer than 12 feet for ease of transport and assembly.

• Ring canvas features nylon strap reinforced edges to prevent tearing. 
- Available in White Duck canvas (standard) or cleanable vinyl-coated canvas. 
- Vinyl coated is an excellent choice for durability and cleanliness.
• Lifetime warranty on the structural steel components. 
• Meets or exceeds all USA Boxing and AIBA boxing rules.
• MADE in U.S.A.