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Your gym needs the best and the strongest cage, and they are available, only at Monster Rings and Cages.   Our Gym MMA Cages are built to take all the punishment that your fighters can dish out and more.  

We build our Gym Cages at a lower floor height, with a 14" floor height,  giving you the chance to have an elevated cage in your gym, even with lower ceiling heights. 

Our cages are built stronger than all of the other cages.  We have our own design that has been praised by gym owners, promoters, and fighters all around the world.  In fact, we have had many COMMISSION MEMBERS tell us that our cage is the best that they have ever seen. 

These cages are complete, except for the wood flooring.  You buy it locally, to save on your shipping costs.  These cages are made for use with long plank boards, 2" x 12" or 2" x 10" boards.

Made with the same strength and longevity as our Competition Cages, a Gym Cage, from PRO MMA is designed and built to last you a lifetime.  While these gym level cages are made for use in your gym, they are made with competition regulations in mind.  The only difference in these cages, and our competition cages, other than the height of the cage floor is the fact that they are not as easily portable due to some of the steel beams being longer.  However, they can be transported and stored with no problems.

Included in every PRO MMA Gym Level Cage Package you will get:

  •  PRO MMA corner poles with easy connect attachments for side rails and cage panels
  •  completely padded and vinyl covered fence panels
  • 1 door way - completely padded and vinyl covered for competition use with complete safety
  •  super strong structural steel side rails
  • PRO MMA main support beams
  • all structural steel cross members (floor joists) no bending or problems from these!
  • our own unique flooring structure to hold your wood flooring perfectly in place
  • competition approved athletic padding - very dense closed cell EVA padding for the ultimate safety
  • Mat cover - canvas or vinyl - your choice and your choice of color
  • easy on cage skirts/aprons
  •  corner pads - made from dense closed cell athletic padding covered in 22 ounce vinyl with Velcro straps
  • easy to follow assembly instructions


Feel free to contact us with questions or to learn more about custom logo printing and graphics.  Our office hours are 8:00 to 8:00 Monday through Friday and we are on Pacific Standard Time.

TELEPHONE: (323) 460-4600

We offer the fastest turn around and the best shipping rates, because we ship so much equipment from our location. 

When ordering on line, be sure to select  the style of cage, Hexagon or Octagon.

Custom shapes and sizes are available to fit you needs.

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